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Oldenburg Family


Greetings from our century old family farm!


Hi, my name is Loren Oldenburg and with my wife, Linda, we operate Oldenburg Centennial Farm. This enterprise was started by my great grandfather, William C., in 1878, more than 130 years ago. That's when horsepower meant real horses.


We are now the fourth generation operating this farm. My father, Wesley, and I formed a partnership in 1990. Linda and I then took primary ownership in 2000. The farm is 315 acres, and our dairy herd is 50 Holstein cows that produce an average of 20,000 pounds of milk per cow per year. That's 1-million pounds of milk from our farm that goes into producing some of the great tasting dairy food products from Westby Cooperative Creamery.


We rely on teamwork. My father pitches in where needed and Linda concentrates on maintaining the farm yard, house and office. With their assistance, I'm able to focus on monitoring herd genetics, AI selections, and all aspects of animal health. Every phase of this operation is focused on providing the best possible comfort and care for each cow.


For example, clean straw bedding and pasture mats are used in the 50 stall stanchion barn. During the winter, cows stay inside but have access to outside feed bunks. From early-Spring to late-Fall the cows are out on 25 acres of pasture land, with a wooded area for shade. Rations are crafted with quality haylage, corn silage, dry alfalfa hay, and shelled corn mixed with oats, plus a protein and mineral mix.


I am honored and take pride in holding an elective position on the Westby Cooperative Creamery Board of Directors. This allows me to represent the other member-owners of our cooperative and be involved in the challenges and opportunities of operating our dairy foods business. Each of us as a member-owner shares a firm commitment to producing the highest quality Grade-A milk on our farms, so the highest quality dairy foods are produced in our creamery for consumers across the upper Midwest region.


It all starts on our farms. As American dairy producers, we must remain progressive, serve as spokespersons for our industry and make sure our farms stay viable for future generations; just as generations before us have done.


Remember, as we do, that when you take home Westby brand dairy products, you take home country goodness and pride from our farm and the other family dairy farms of Westby Cooperative Creamery. For that, we say Thank You.


You are welcomed to visit us at any time, and to also visit www.DairyDoingMore.org to learn more about the lifestyle and business of dairy farming.


Best regards,


Loren and Linda Oldenburg
Westby Cooperative Creamery Patrons
Viroqua, WI




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