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Hello everyone,


My name is Steve Holte, and with my wife Kay, we operate Crestview Acres Dairy of Westby, WI.


In my life, I have held jobs surveying land, working in a factory, digging ditches and I even tried carpentry for a stretch. However, I feel the life associated with dairy farming truly suits me best. Working in this industry, especially with supreme cattle and the top notch people at Westby Cooperative Creamery, has been a fascinating and rewarding experience for me and my family.


We took primary ownership of my family farm in 1974 and currently milk a herd of 55 registered Holstein cows. All of our cows stay inside year-round, but we turn them out for exercise for a few hours every morning. Cow stalls are fitted with pasture mats and there is rubber flooring in the alleyway. Stall bedding consists mostly of straw and wood shavings.


Kay and I handle the business operations and daily tasks of our dairy farm. This includes milking, feeding and making sure our cows receive the best possible care and attention we can provide.


Every phase of production is geared towards having the happiest cows possible. All of our farm-raised feed is tested regularly for protein levels, energy value and relative feed values. We constantly strive to make sure the cows receive enough energy and quality feed to sustain milk production.


When you select a Westby brand dairy product in the grocery store, you know it’s produced by honest, hard working dairymen that are concerned about their animals, the environment they share with others and their overall quality of life. Our cooperative is comprised of smaller dairy farms where patrons are able to share their expertise and be a viable part of the community.


We hope you enjoyed our story. Be sure to visit www.dairyfarmingtoday.org to see a little bit of what it takes to run a successful dairy operation.


Sincerely Steve Holte, Owner
Crestview Acres Dairy



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