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Bekkedal Family


Hello from Viroqua, Wisconsin!


My name is Gary Bekkedal, and with my wife Jean, we milk 50 Jersey cows on a 110 acre dairy farm and are patron-members of Westby Cooperative Creamery.


We are a "Mom & Pop" dairy operation that concentrates on a hands-on approach in caring for our cows. I do all the heavy lifting, as well as manage breeding, and Jean cleans the stalls, feeds the calves and makes sure the books and records are up to date.


From providing top quality feed to insuring a spic-and-span environment, every phase of our dairy farm is geared towards comfortable cows. We typically graze the herd on pasture when the weather is nice, and their stalls always have clean bedding. To achieve the best quality milk, we constantly strive to make sure our cows receive the highest level of nutrition in their daily diet, including plenty of energy and protein.


We feel it is important to share the experience of dairy farming with consumers of Westby brand dairy products. That's why we showcase our farm to kindergarten, elementary school, high school, 4-H and FFA groups. We have a 600 square foot cabin next door that offers an opportunity for folks to stay awhile and experience life in the country. Every day is a work day, and every day is a great day when you're helping to produce food for a hungry world.


Westby Cooperative Creamery is our business. As one of the many family dairy farm owners, the creamery is a vital partner in our dairy farm, and the farms of our fellow patron-members. It's a privilege to be part of a century-old business with a commitment to smaller family dairy farms and the highest quality dairy food products. When you Take home country goodness, you take it home from our farm and the other family dairy farms of Westby Cooperative Creamery. For that, we each say Thank You.


Come visit us anytime. And be sure to visit www.dairyfarmingtoday.org to learn more about what it takes to run a successful dairy operation.


Sincerely Gary & Jean Bekkedal
Westby Cooperative Creamery Patrons
Viroqua, WI



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