Gluten-Free/Non-Gluten Products

The following Westby brand products do not contain gluten:


  • Cottage Cheeses (all container sizes)
    • 4% (regular) Cottage Cheese
    • 2% (low fat) Cottage Cheese
    • 1% (low fat) Cottage Cheese
    • 0% (fat free) Cottage Cheese
    • Dry Curd Cottage Cheese
    • Note: All Westby brand Cottage Cheese products are Grade-A.


  • Sour Creams (all container sizes)
    • Regular, Low Fat (Lite)
    • Note: All Westby brand Sour Cream products are made from Grade-A Cultured Cream.


  • Dairy Dips (all container sizes)
    • Current flavors of Westby brand Dairy Dips: French Onion and Ranch
    • Note: All Westby brand dips are true Dairy Dips; made with real sour cream, not oils or hydrogenated fats.


  • Yogurts (all types and container sizes)