Westby Cooperative Creamery Employee Profile



Name: John Schedivy

Years with Westby: 27

Position: Field Representative


John Schedivy has been with Westby Cooperative Creamery for over 27 years. He started out working "inside" the Creamery manufacturing facility; and then, after eight years, transitioned to working "outside" with our patron-member-owners as a Field Representative.


This has provided John with a unique perspective in understanding what it takes to produce the highest quality dairy food products. He and our members understand that it all starts with quality milk from their family dairy farms; and that's where you'll find John, out on these farms.


There are many words to describe what John and each of our Field Representatives do in their jobs. As this Employee Profile was being written, we realized that the first letters of those words began to spell-out a single word. That word is COOPERATIVE - and that's who, and what we are, at Westby Cooperative Creamery.


C - Consulting & Cows. Much of the job is Consulting. John and others consult with our member-owners and advise them on managing various aspects of their farms, and Cows, to produce the highest quality conventional and organic milk for the highest quality dairy foods.


O - Obstacles & Opportunities. A dairy farm is very complex, and requires our member-owners, and Field Reps, to recognize and avoid the many Obstacles that may get in the way of Opportunities to maintain quality milk production and overall animal performance.


O - Outcomes & Outdoors. Outcomes are measured at least twice-a-day, every day; because that's how often cows are milked. It also means how often an obstacle may arise. Outdoors is where our Field Reps spend most of their time. John travels about 40-thousand miles per year in pursuit of milk quantity and milk quality.


P - Premiums & People. Milk pricing is too complex to explain here; just know that Premiums are paid for quality. It's a Field Rep's job to make sure our members earn a premium price. People are the best part of any business, and we have the finest as members and employees.


E - Environment & Efficiency. Nothing is more important to a dairy farm than the natural resources of our Environment, especially water, to produce feed for the animals in order to produce milk and food for people. A Field Rep helps with the Efficiency that's needed.


R - Regulations & Reports. The dairy industry is highly regulated, and part of a Field Rep's job is to make sure our member-owners, and our milk-haulers, are in compliance with the local, state, and federal Regulations. This means that data must be collected and many Reports filed.


A - Grade-A & Audits. Each of our member-owners is licensed by the state of Wisconsin, or Minnesota, as a Grade-A Milk Producer; the highest grade. A Field Rep makes sure that each member maintains that grade, which means Audits and milk testing procedures (see letter-R).


T - Technology & Teamwork. Technology is always advancing in the dairy industry, particularly in nutrition and animal health. A Field Rep's job is to understand the latest advancements; or, at least know the people who do. That means Teamwork in working with other professionals.


I - Innovation & Ideas. Just as the letter-I follows the letter-T in the word COOPERATIVE, Innovation follows Technology. Embracing Innovation is one of the reasons why Westby Cooperative Creamery has been in business for 110 years. And, it all started with an Idea.


V - Vision & Voice. For 110 years that Idea has been expressed in the Vision of our member-owners to support and strengthen local family dairy farms. We are the Voice of America's dairy farm families. Our employees and member-owners are part of that Voice, and proud of it.


E - Excitement & Enjoyment. There's plenty of Excitement in the dairy business, and never a dull-day in helping to produce healthful dairy foods from farm-to-fridge. With that is the Enjoyment of working with the finest people, both "inside" and "outside" our COOPERATIVE.


When you - Take home country goodness from the family dairy farms of Westby Cooperative Creamery - you take home country goodness from employees like John Schedivy, and each of our Field Representatives.


And for that, we all say THANKS!



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